Convention Between Government of Canada and Government of French Republic 1997


Article 8

In the instances specified in Articles 59 of the Brussels Convention of September 27, 1968 and the Lugano Convention of September 16, 1988 on Jurisdiction and Enforcement of Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters, judgments rendered in a third State that is a party to either of those Conventions against a person domiciled or habitually resident in Canada shall not be recognized or enforced in France by application of those Conventions.

Article 9

For the application of Article 8:

(a)    A person shall be considered to be domiciled in Canada only if he or she resides there under conditions in which it is apparent that the person has close ties with Canada;

(b)    A company or association shall be considered to be domiciled in Canada only if it was established or formed pursuant to a law in force in Canada and has a registered office there, or if its management and control are based in Canada.

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