2001 Modernized Commercial Law Endorsed By Business and Legal Community

August 23, 2001 Toronto ON

The Commercial Law strategy, launched last year by the Uniform Law Conference of Canada, has been endorsed by 19 major organizations across Canada. The announcement was made by Hélène Yaremko-Jarvis, National Coordinator of the strategy, at the annual meeting of the Conference.

The strategy is designed to make doing business in Canada more certain and less costly by modernizing and harmonizing commercial law across the country. Commercial law regulates business activities such as sales and financing transactions.

“Canada can only prosper if it has a modern and competitive system of commercial laws,” said Yaremko-Jarvis. “The Commercial Law Strategy is designed to bring these laws into the 21st century.”

Organizations that have endorsed the strategy include the Canadian Bankers Association, Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Retail Council of Canada and a number of legal organizations across the country. The strategy has also been endorsed by federal-provincial-territorial Ministers of Justice.

The Uniform Law Conference of Canada is a national organization of lawyers, legal academics and judges whose aims are to modernize and harmonize civil and criminal laws across Canada. Ontario is hosting the Conference this year, which runs from August 19 to 23 in Toronto.

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