2001 Strengthen Police Powers to Cross Borders, Says Law Group

August 23, 2001 Toronto ON

Recommendations to improve the investigation and prosecution of crimes in Canada were made by the Uniform Law Conference of Canada at its annual meeting in Toronto. The Conference agreed to work to strengthen the ability of police to carry out their investigations and exercise their powers across the country. At present, police face barriers when they leave their home province.

“Crime, especially organized crime, does not respect jurisdictional boundaries,” said Earl Fruchtman, president of the Conference. “Federal criminal law and provincial laws governing police forces must recognize this reality.”

The Conference also recommended enhancing federal criminal laws covering the recently created DNA Databank where samples of DNA are collected from convicted offenders. It asked the federal government to consider amendments to close a number of gaps. DNA is an important tool in identifying offenders and eliminating innocent suspects.

The Uniform Law Conference of Canada is a national organization of lawyers, legal academics and judges whose aims are to modernize and harmonize civil and criminal laws across Canada. Ontario is hosting the Conference this year, which runs from August 19 to 23 in Toronto.

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