Release of Uniform Law Conference Documents

Prior to review by the conference, documents prepared for consideration at ULC may not be distributed to persons other than conference delegates, except for the purpose of consultations that are undertaken by project leaders or conference delegates. They are not to be provided generally to members of the public or the press.

After consideration by the section, the Civil Section documents are no longer confidential, unless the section determines otherwise. After consideration by the section, the resolutions proposed to the Criminal Section are no longer confidential. The summary sheets from the jurisdictions proposing resolutions remain confidential. The papers presented to the Criminal Section will remain confidential, unless the section determines otherwise.

Conference deliberations

Conference deliberations are private and confidential. They may be attended only by jurisdictional delegations and invited guests. The executive of the conference may extend invitations to persons to attend the entire meeting (e.g. representatives of the Uniform Law Commission of the United States). Section chairs may approve the attendance of non-delegates to assist in the discussion of specific agenda items. In reporting on conference discussions, delegates should bear in mind that delegates do not speak or vote on behalf of their jurisdictions.

News release at the end of the conference

It is the responsibility of the president of the conference to ensure this is prepared. It is recommended that the president, in consultation with the section chairs, prepare a communique in advance of the meeting, which can be revised during the course of the week, and ready for release at the conclusion of the closing plenary. Host jurisdictions are requested to provide the assistance of their communications personnel to the president and section chairs in finalizing and distributing the communique.

Who speaks on behalf of the conference

Unless other arrangements have been approved by the president, the President speaks on behalf of the conference.

Next Annual Meeting

August 2021

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