Criminal Section Minutes 2007


SEPTEMBER 9-13, 2007



Thirty-three (33) delegates representing all jurisdictions except Northwest Territories and Nunavut attended the Criminal Section. All jurisdictions were represented at the Conference as a whole. Delegates included Crown counsel, defence counsel, policy counsel and members of the judiciary. Guests included the President of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws as well as two representatives of the Standing Committee of Attorneys General.


Michel Breton presided as Chair of the Criminal Section. Stéphanie O’Connor acted as Secretary. The Section convened to order on Sunday, September 9, 2007.

The Heads of each delegation introduced their delegation.


Report of the Senior Federal Delegate (Attached as Annex 1)

The Report of the Senior Federal Delegate was tabled and presented by Catherine Kane, Acting Senior General Counsel, Criminal Law Policy Section, Justice Canada.

Resolutions (Attached as Annex 2)

Twenty-four (24) resolutions were presented by jurisdictions for consideration. One (1) resolution was withdrawn without discussion. During the proceedings, one resolution was divided in three parts and voted on separately. As a result, twenty-five (25) resolutions were debated during the proceedings and voted on separately. Of the twenty-five (25) resolutions considered by delegates, eighteen (18) were carried as submitted or amended, three (3) resolutions were defeated as submitted or amended and four (4) resolutions were withdrawn following discussion.

In some instances, the total number of votes varies due to the absence of some delegates for some part of the proceedings.

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