Changes to Personal Property Security Act - Report 2007


[15] The Steering Committee of the Civil Section has approved the implementation of a new approach to law reform in this area:

· Discrete areas of PPSA law that require attention would be identified by the director of the project through consultation with practitioners, government solicitors, provincial PPSA committees and academics.

· Where appropriate, the director would prepare or obtain from other sources study papers dealing with these areas.

· With the assistance of the ULC, a contact person in each provincial and territorial government who is prepared to particulate would be identified. Initially this person would have two roles. One would be to assess proposals for change in the PPSA set out in study papers and provide reaction. The other would be to “shop” the proposals among practitioners, academics and other interested groups in her or his jurisdiction. In Ontario, this would directly involve the Ontario Bar Association PPSL Subcommittee.

· Reactions to the proposals would be returned to the director who would prepare recommended changes in the CCPPSL Model or Ontario Act on the basis of this reaction and the consensus that has been identified through this process.

· The recommended changes would be placed before the ULC for consideration. If accepted, they would be presented to the provincial and territorial contact persons.

· At this point, the provincial and territorial government contacts would have the role of convincing their client (their provincial or territorial government) to enact the recommended changes in a manner that facilitates a common approach to implementation.

· Special arrangements would be made to bring Quebec into the discussion so as to seek to minimize basic differences between the Civil Code and the PPSAs.


[16] Full implementation of this approach has not yet occurred. However, as described in the following paragraphs, aspects of it have.

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