Activities and Priorities Dept. Justice Private International Law 2007


a. Convention on the Law Applicable to Successions (Hague Conference)

[220] This Convention, which has been signed by Argentina, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the Netherlands and which has only been ratified by the Netherlands, is not in force, as three ratifications are necessary. The Convention determines the law applicable to the estates of deceased persons where more than one State is concerned. The Convention's main feature is the principle of unity whereby the entire succession of an estate is governed by one law unless a choice of law has been made.

[221] Canada actively participated in the negotiation of this Convention. Since 1994, consultation regarding possible support in Canada for the implementation of this Convention has been suspended in order to allow further study of the Convention to answer questions raised as to its interpretation.

[222] At the request of the Secretary General of the Hague Conference, the Advisory Group on Private International Law considered the suggestion that Canada ratify the Convention soon, after a new round of consultation. It was felt that consultations should not be undertaken at this point given that the Convention is not in force.

[223] Action required in Canada: Consultation on possible Canadian ratification and implementation, when appropriate.

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