Civil Section Minutes 2007

Mexican Uniform Law Centre

Presenter: Dr. Jorge Sánchez Cordero, President, Mexican Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws

Dr. Cordero highlighted some of the major achievements and activities over the last while. Of note are the Mexican Supreme Court initiatives to improve access to justice, which included a broad consultation process respecting the judiciary – an unprecedented step. The Court is proposing unique solutions, including the need to harmonize the civil and penal codes and practices of the various states. The experience of the ULCC and NCCUSL are of great importance in this context. Dr. Cordero also noted that the Mexican Senate will be holding public hearings this year respecting uniform law issues and issued a formal invitation to the ULCC to attend. Dr. Cordero reiterated the importance of ongoing co-operation amongst the ULCC, NCCUSL and the Mexican Uniform Law Centre.

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