Civil Section Minutes 2007

National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws

Presenter: Justice Martha L. Walters, President, NCCUSL

Justice Walters was introduced to the Conference. She has just begun her two year term as President of NCCUSL, and is the first women president in the 116 year history of that organization.

Justice Walters spoke with enthusiasm about the joint projects with the ULCC and the Mexican Uniform Law Centre over the last 2 years, noting in particular the project respecting the Convention on the Assignment of Receivables in International Trade and the Unincorporated Associations project. NCCUSL is committed to continuing in this work – the organization has learned so much and can see how much can be achieved by this collaborative approach. Justice Walters noted that involvement with the ULCC has emphasized the need for NCCUSL to work more closely with the US federal government – in the past it has worked largely with state governments. Some recent NCCUSL projects involve: adult guardianship; debt management services; discovery of electronic information; health care information interoperability; the intestacy provisions of the Probate Code; powers of attorney; a project respecting business corporations; and pension legislation. International projects include the Uniform International Wills Act, the UN Convention on Independent Guarantees and the Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements. Another new project is to take uniform laws that exist, distil the core principles and make them available to countries that are interested. And, of course, NCCUSL continues to work hard to get its Acts enacted by states. Justice Walters closed by emphasizing the value of continuing to work together to identify areas for potential harmonization of laws on a North-American wide basis and introduced her own “Thank You Act”. Section 1: Thank you for your hard work. Section 2: Thank you for working with us. Section 3: Thank you for bringing us to PEI.

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