Commercial Law Strategy Activities Report 2002

APPENDIX D - WORKING GROUPS (in alphabetical order)

Transfer of Indirectly Held Securities (tiered holdings)

Legislative drafters of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Québec

Representatives of the Canadian Securities Administrators

Enforcement of Civil Judgments

Professor Emeritus Lyman Robinson (University of Victoria), Mounia Allouch (Justice Canada), Professor Tamara Buckwold (University of Saskatchewan), Caroline Carter (British Columbia Law Institute as Reporter), Arthur L. Close, Q.C.(British Columbia Law Institute), Professor Ron Cuming, Q.C. (University os Saskatchewan), Chris Curran (Government of Newfoundland), Hélène Fortin (????), Geoff Ho, Q.C. (Government of Alberta), Marie José Longtin (Government of Québec), Darcy McGovern (Government of Saskatchewan), Keith Pritchard (???), Tim Rattenbury (Government of New Brunswick), John Twohig (Government of Ontario) and Professor John Williamson (University of New Brunswick).

Jurisdiction and Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce

Preliminary studies by Michael Geist (Ottawa U) and Roger Tassé (Gowling's)

Joint working group (in alphabetical order): André Allard (Government of Québec), Larry Bryenton (Industry Canada), David Clarke (Industry Canada), Philip Halliday (Industry Canada), Rob Harper (Government of Ontario), Gerald Hashey (Government of Nova Scotia), M. Kolbe (Government of Manitoba), Peter Lown (Alberta Law Reform Institute), Doug Moen (Government of Saskatchewan), Karen Pflanzer (co-chair, Government of Saskatchewan) Rob Phillips (Government of Alberta), Tim Rattenbury (Government of New Brunswick), Lynn Romeo (co-chair - Government of Manitoba), Kathryn Sabo (Justice Canada), Frédérique Sabourin (Government of Québec), Johannes Wolff (Government of Ontario) and Hélène Yaremko-Jarvis (ULC Commercial Law Strategy).


Professors Ron Cuming (University of Saskatchewan) and Catherine Walsh (McGill University) (co-chairs), Professor Tamara Buckwold (University of Saskatchewan), John Cameron (Torys), Arthur Close, Q.C. (BC Law Institute), Michel Deschamps (McCarthy Tétrault), Ken Morlock (Fasken Martineau DuMoulin), Professor Rod Wood (University of Alberta), Professor Jacob Ziegel (U of T) and Hélène Yaremko-Jarvis (ULC Commercial Law Strategy).

Federal Secured Transactions

Preliminary report by Howard Knopf (Shapiro Cohen)

Second report by Professors Catherine Walsh (McGill University) and Norman Siebrasse (University of New Brunswick)


Frank Zaid (Osler Hoskin and Harcourt LL) and John Sotos (Sotos & Associaties) (co-chairs), Richard Cunningham (President, Canadian Franchise Association), Jean H. Gagnon (Pouliot Mercure - Montreal), Professor James E. Lockyer (Université de Moncton), Bruce Macallum (Government of British Columbia), Leonard Polsky (Gowling Lafleur Henderson, LLP - Vancouver), Danny Zalmanowitz (Witten LLP - Edmonton) and Hélène Yaremko-Jarvis (National Coordinator, Commercial Law Strategy).

Section 347 of the Criminal Code

Professor Mary Anne Waldron (University of Victoria)

Section 427 of the Bank Act

Professor Rod Wood (University of Alberta) with the assistance of the members of the PPSA working group

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