Convention Between Government of Canada and Government of French Republic 1997


Article 17

1.    This Convention shall not derogate from international instruments to which both Contracting States become parties and which, in relation to particular matters, govern the recognition or enforcement of judgments.

2.    However, the Contracting States may make a contrary declaration to the extent allowed under these instruments.

3.    The provisions of this Convention do not affect in any manner the application of the Hague Convention of October  25, 1980 on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

Article 18

When a judgment is rendered by a court of one Contracting State for the payment of money:

(a)    The conversion of the sum payable into the currency of the other Contracting State shall be done at the exchange rate on the day the judgment is declared enforceable or registered for the purpose of its enforcement;

(b)    The determination of the interest payable at the time of conversion shall be governed by the law of the State of origin if not otherwise provided for in the judgment.

Article 19

1.    Where a judgment has been rendered by a court of one Contracting State, any interested party may apply, in accordance with this Convention, to have the judgment declared enforceable or registered for the purpose of enforcement in the other Contracting State at any time within six years after the date of the judgment.

2.    However, this limitation period shall not apply to judgments in maintenance matters and in matters of custody of and access to children.

Article 20

In relation to Canada:

(a)    Any reference to the law of the State of origin or the requested State means the law in force in the relevant territorial unit;

(b)    Any reference to the court of the State of origin, the requested State, or one Contracting State means the Federal Court or the court designated pursuant to Article 25;

(c)    Any reference to habitual residence in the State of origin means habitual residence in the relevant territorial unit; however, for maintenance matters, any such reference means habitual residence in Canada.

Article 21

No legalization or similar formality may be required for the purposes of this Convention.

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