Convention Between Government of Canada and Government of French Republic 1997


Article 22

Any difficulties arising from the application of this Convention shall be settled through diplomatic channels.

Article 23

Each Contracting State shall notify the other of the completion of the procedures required by its domestic law for the coming into force of this Convention, which shall take effect on the first day of the month following the expiration of a period of three months after the date of the last of these notifications.

Article 24

1.    At the time of its notification, Canada may declare that this Convention shall extend to all of its territorial units or only to one or more of them and may modify this declaration by submitting another declaration at any time.

2.    Any such declaration shall take effect on the first day of the month following the expiration of a period of three months after the date on which it is made.

Article 25

At any time, Canada may, by declaration, designate the courts of the provinces and territories to which an application may be made for the registration of a judgment rendered by a French court for the purpose of its enforcement.

Article 26

France and the provinces and territories of Canada may enter into arrangements concerning any matter dealt with in this Convention that is within provincial or territorial jurisdiction, to the extent that such arrangements are not inconsistent with the provisions of this Convention.

Article 27

1.    This Convention shall be in force for an indefinite period.

2.    Each Contracting State may, at any time, denounce this Convention by written notification transmitted through diplomatic channels. The denunciation may be limited to certain of the territorial units to which this Convention applies in accordance with the declaration made by Canada pursuant to Article 24.

3.    The denunciation shall take effect six months after the date on which notice of denunciation is received by the other Contracting State.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned, being duly authorized by their respective Governments, have signed this Convention.

DONE at Ottawa, this 10th day of June 1996, in duplicate, in the English and French languages, both texts being equally authentic.

Allan Rock


Ambassador Siefert-Gaillardin


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