Withdrawn Uniform Acts

Uniform Limitation of Actions Act (1976)

(1962 Consolidation, page 199; Amended 1976 Proceedings, page 147)


1. In this Act,

(a) "action" means any civil proceeding, including any civil proceeding by or against the Crown;

(b) "assurance" means any transfer, deed or instrument, other than a will, by which land may be conveyed or transferred;

(c) "disability" means disability arising from infancy or unsoundness of mind;

(d) "heirs" includes the persons entitled beneficially to the real estate of a deceased intestate;

(e) "land" includes all corporeal hereditaments, and any share or any freehold or leasehold estate or any interest in any of them;

(f) "mortgage" includes charge, "mortgagor" includes chargor, and "mortgagee" includes chargee;

(g) "proceedings" includes action, entry, taking of possession, distress and sale proceedings under an order of a court or under a power of sale contained in a mortgage or conferred by statute;

(h) "rent" means a rent service or rent reserved upon a demise;

(i) "rent charge" includes all annuities and periodical sums of money charged upon or payable out of land.

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